Tareq Aziz un martir honesto y pacifico asesinado por la orda criminal de la OTAN y EE.UU que han destruido Iraq

Message of condolences by the master al-Douri. 

for the translation into English, thanks comrade Hisham Melliti 
Comrade Mujahid Izzat Ibrahim, Secretary General of the Baath Arab Socialist Party secretary of the leadership of Qatar Iraq mourns for party activists and the sons of our people and our nation, Comrade Tariq Aziz, may God have mercy on him ... The obituary text comes: 

In the name of God the Merciful 
Arab Socialist Baath Party 
The secretary-general 
One Arab Nation, with an eternal message 
Unity, Freedom, Socialism 

In the name of God the Merciful 
((O, O reassuring self Return to your Lord satisfied satisfactory in Vodkhali Ebadi and go in Committees)) 
The great truth of God 

Announce to more sorrow and sadness and regret On behalf of my fellow members of the party's national leadership and the leadership of Qatar Iraq militants Baath and the sons of our people and our nation, Comrade Tariq Aziz, a member of the national leadership and a member of the leadership of Qatar Iraq for the party who passed away in Nasiriyah prison after a long endure over twelve years in detention centers and prisons the occupation and the puppet government presented the various forms of torture and brutal repression of holding general barbarism abhorrent and defying their court moot phone the lives of the party and its leadership Mujahid did not impair their steadfastness heroic suffering severe long illness during which he deliberately occupiers Americans and their allies, the Persians and the Zionists and their agents Alakhosa ignored his illness and the failure to provide the most basic kinds of necessary treatment conditions .... has shrugged off the late Comrade Tariq Aziz, do it all but scoffed at the unfair death sentences issued by the occupiers and their agents against him and so they want to take revenge on the national and nationalist known for his political role in the defense of Iraq in the Arab and international forums ... it has been a remarkable role and prominent in the confrontation firm blockade unjust over thirteen years, continuing day and night in a diligent and persistent work to lift the siege on Iraq and defend its just causes have been confronted consciously and courageously Highs hardened US officials from the likes of Becker when he responded High boldly and the position of a national solid against his threat to return Iraq to the reign pre-industrial to an end Takrsath then .. 

On this sad occasion, we promise the spirit of Comrade Hero Tariq Aziz and our comrades in captivity Baath and activists of all our people and our nation to move forward on the road to the Baath timeless and his message by giving and sacrifice and jihad and sacrifice and even achieve the goals of the Arab nation in unity, freedom and socialism. 

May the God of Comrade Tariq Aziz, may God have mercy on him, who was an outstanding example of the Baathist militant Mujahid courageous and cultured rest in peace and give him peace and inspired his family and his family and his friends and loved ones patience and fortitude ... 

And unto God and to Him we shall return 

Izzat Ibrahim 
Secretary General of the Baath Arab Socialist Party 
Secretary of the leadership of Qatar Iraq 
Supreme Commander of the Jihad and Liberation and National Salvation 
The eighteenth of August 1436 AH 
The fifth of June 2015 AD


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